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Working around the Translate PLC-5 SLC 2.0 utility's syntax error

A few weeks ago, a client asked me to review his SLC-500 program files. He wanted my advice on how difficult it would be to convert them to CompactLogix. When I received his files, the first thing I did was power on my primary...

Using the MicroLogix 1400′s LCD To View and Edit Data File Values

The MicroLogix 1400's LCD display allows access to many of it's features and functions. In today's article, we show you how to use it to view and change Data File values. Enabling Default Comms on the MicroLogix 1400 1) When the MicroLogix 1400 is...

MicroLogix 1200 to PowerFlex 4 using Modbus

This second program is based on the first, but uses the Modbus Master protocol available in the latest release of the MicroLogix 1200, as well as a 1761-Net-AIC. The biggest obstacle in getting this configuration to work was trying to find...
MicroLogix and DH485

Adding a MicroLogix to a DH-485 network

Yesterday we discussed replacing a Fixed SLC-500 with a MicroLogix. However, if the replaced SLC was on a DH-485 network, most ikely the replacement will also need to be. What is DH-485? DH-485 is a protocol that was originally only available in the SLC-500 family of...

Finding a MicroLogix 1400′s IP and MAC Address

The MicroLogix 1400 includes an Ethernet port with a fixed MAC address, as well as a settable Ethernet IP address. In today's article we'll show you how to find both. Finding the MAC address on a MicroLogix 1400: 1) Thankfully, each MicroLogix 1400...

How to Message (MSG) data from a MicroLogix 1400 to a SLC-5/05 over Ethernet

In Today's article I walk you through how to Message data over Ethernet using the MSG instruction from a MicroLogix 1400 to a SLC-5/05 . Note: In this example I have a MicroLogix 1400 at IP Address, and a SLC-5/05 at...

Everything you need to know to get started programming Allen-Bradley PLCs

So you, or someone you know, wants to learn how to use Allen-Bradley programmable controllers? Well you're in luck! In today's article I'll cover everything you need to know to get started. 1) What is the best A-B PLC to start learning with? The most...
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The Automation Blog's "Best Of 2013" Programmable Controller blogs

Welcome to the first article in our "Best of 2013" series. Today we focus on our seven most popular Programmable Controller blogs. However, we should keep in mind that older blogs have a distinct advantage as they have been around much...

MicroLogix 1500 Installation and Mounting

As seen on The Automation Minute earlier this week, the MicroLogix 1500 comes with an extensive installation document. That document is also available electronically on the manufacturer's website HERE. While these "installation instructions" cover many different topics, in this blog article I'll be...

Using the MicroLogix 1400′s LCD To Change Trim Pot Values

The MicroLogix 1400's LCD display allows access to many of it's features and functions. In today's article, we show you how to use it to change the Micro's Digital Trim Pot values: Changing Trim Pot values on the MicroLogix 1400 1) When the...

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