ControlLogix 1756-ENBT (Video, TAM S2 E51)

Learn about the ControlLogix 1756-ENBT in The Automation Minute, Season 2 Episode 51: If you've found this video helpful, checkout my training courses here. You can now buy high definition digital downloads of The Automation Minute for just $1 each here.

Updating Redundant PLC-5 Programs

With so many generations of control equipment on the plant floor, a control engineer can be called to look at many different models of control equipment in the same day. Each piece of control equipment, even by the same manufacturer,...

Duplicating Rungs in RSLogix and Studio 5000

In today's article I cover how to quickly and easily export and import multiple rungs while at the same time replacing tag addresses using RSLogix or Studio 5000. Step 1) Start by selecting the range of rungs you would like to duplicate. Do this...
Providence Beer Ladder FF Fi

Flashback Friday! RSLogix 500 "Providence Beer" Demo

Welcome to The Automation Blog's "Flashback Friday!" Today I'm highlighting my RSLogix 500 "Providence Beer" demo. The year was 1996 and I was tasked with designing a "hands-on" seminar for the new PanelView 550. The hands-on labs I needed to create would include setting up communications, as well as basic...

Using the LCD to enable the MicroLogix 1100's DCOMM mode (Video M1E43)

In The Automation Minute: Episode 43, Shawn Tierney walks you through using the MicroLogix 1100’s LCD to enable its DCOMM mode Note: To find out how you can get a copy of my Micro Programmable Controller training video, please visit...

How to flash CompactLogix firmware over Ethernet

In today's article I walk you through how to flash a CompactLogix processor's firmware over Ethernet using RSLinx and ControlFlash. Step 1) Open ControlFlash When you install RSLogix 5000 or Studio 5000, a firmware flashing program called ControlFlash is also installed. To start the process of...
RSLinx USB Driver - RSWho finds L24

Plug and Play with Allen-Bradley Devices

Plug and Play comes to the world of Allen-Bradley Industrial Automation. With a fairly recent copy of the free RSLinx Classic Lite, and A-B devices with USB ports, you simply plug the A-B USB product into your PC using a standard USB...
Connected Components Accelerator Toolkit Application FI

Rockwell's Connected Components Accelerator Toolkit

Like the Connected Components Building Blocks (CCBB,) Rockwell's Connected Components Accelerator Toolkit (CCAT for short) is designed around "component" level devices. However, this "Accelerator Toolkit" is designed for the Micro800 and Connected Components Workbench, where as the "Building Blocks" are designed around the MicroLogix and RSLogix. Initially,...

Introducing the MicroLogix 1100 (Video M1E36)

In The Automation Minute: Episode 36, I introduce you to the Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1100 Programmable Controller Note: To find out how you can get a copy of my complete Micro Programmable Controller training video, please visit If you've found this...
Micro820 Featured Image

The Micro820 as seen at Automation Fair 2013

The soon to be released Micro820 on display at Automation Fair 2013: The Micro820 is the newest entry in Rockwell's Micro800 family. The unit is outfitted with two communication ports. The first is Serial communications accessible via a terminal block connection. The second...